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What is the campus ambassador position?

The campus ambassador position of Blithchron 2020 of IIT Gandhinagar is the one that awakens the ambassador in you. It provides you a platform to develop the leadership, team-building and communication skills by associating with one of the best institutions in the country. This hand on experience opens the your gate towards the bigger outside world. All we want here is a proper, perfect group of like-minded students who are willing to give their 100% to themselves and to the institution. Take a glance at this website to know the benefits of becoming a campus Ambassador.

Why become Campus Ambassador?

Certificate of Appreciation

A certificate of participation and leadership roles will be awarded depending on the quality of work executed by the CA.

Free Tickets and Discount Coupons

Top 20 CA's will exciting discount coupons for Blithchron'20.

Exciting Prizes

Top 5 CAs will get Blithchron sponsored bags.

Exclusive Blithchron Mechandise

Top 10 CA's will have a chance to win exclusive blithchron merchandise.

Leadership and Team Building Qualities

While directing for a big event like the blithchron, qualities like integrity, accountability, humility, resilience etc., are enlightened. You come across many people and many people would recognise you, the positivity and vision come into matter.

Expanding your interactive circle

While working with Blithchron you will be able to work with some of the best minds in the nation, in this way you can improve your network and keep in touch with them for your future guidance.

Communication Skills

Becoming a campus ambassador, you have the opportunity to talk to more and more number of people and persuade them to come to Blithchron. This enables you to develop confidence and improve your ability to express your points clearly and firmly.


  1. You will have to circulate the posts shared by Blithchron'20 in your college community.
  2. You will have to help in getting permissions for marketing and for organizing mini-events inside your college premises.
  3. You will have to put up posters sent by us on the notice boards of your institutes.
  4. Help the marketing team of Blithchron to market the summit in your institute.
  5. You will have to help our organisers in doing various pre-events in your institution premises.
  6. The list is not exhaustive, and you might be expected to do more as a campus ambassador as per requirements.


Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar
Palaj, Gandhinagar


Phone: +91  7734076547