Blithchron is the annual cultural festival of IIT Gandhinagar, which has gained widespread popularity among the masses of Gujarat in just 5 years. True to its name-‘Blithe’ meaning festivity and ‘chronos’ meaning ‘time’-Blithchron aims to provide a festive time, not just for the fun-loving Gujjus, but the whole of India.

Kick-started by a bunch of enthusiastic pioneers in 2008, Blithchron is the only cultural festival to be launched in the same year as the inception of the institute. The festival has witnessed exponential growth since its first edition in terms of magnitude, popularity and quality, which is evident from the whopping footfall of 19000 it garnered last year.

This year, the sixth edition of Blithchron-B’14-aspires to raise the cultural bar even further. With exciting events like The Butler Did It, Antaragnee, Panache and Jobless up its sleeve, Blithchron guarantees you the time of your life. You may come to Blithchron empty-handed but we’ll make sure you leave the premises with your head held high and your hands bulging with goodies.

Slated to be held on the 25th and 26th of January, Blithchron promises manifold thrill, adventure and entertainment for the young as well as old. So what are you waiting for? Brace yourselves for the Blithchron impact. Winter er… Blithchron is coming!!


An integral part of any cultural festival is the diverse range of events.And Blithchron boasts of an enviable collection of the same. We have our flagship events like The Butler Did It, Jobless, Adrenaline, Antaragnee, Synchronize, Skirmish et al while we also have informal events like Face Painting, Solo Impromptu, Real Snakes and Ladders, Hair Styling and many more. This edition we want to raise the bar even further in terms of fun and the overall ambience.

Ergo, we have the world famous Paintball event, and also a city-wide singing competition, Euphony. We are sure that Euphony will attract budding vocalists and musicians from all over India in no time. Apart from this, Blithchron will come to life this year with some death-defying and jaw-dropping stunts from acclaimed BMX and skate-boarding group, Sharp-Tune from Mumbai. And like the cherry on the icing on the cake, your Blithchron experience will be complete through our main highlights:Panache, String Theory and Pronites. Miss this thrill at your own expense. Januarys just got a lot more cool with BLITHCHRON !!


The war of fashionistas, Blithchron presents to you “Panache”, an opportunity to show off the best of your designs and set the stage on fire. Blessed with oodles of oomph and chutzpah, these ladies sure know how to leave and audience drooling and entrance with their sizzling glam quotient.

This year edition follows the highly successful and much sought-after 2st edition held in Blithchron 13 which saw four amazingly talented teams competing against each other for the crown and this year is going to be no different. Take part in in this year’s Blithchron to bring out the passion in you and show it off in front of entire Ahmedabad.

• The team should consist of up to 15 members.
• The teams will be judged on the basis of the theme, designs and the presentation.
• Any kind of vulgarity is not allowed and this might lead to disqualification of the team.
• The decision of the judges is final and binding.
• The team is requested to bring its own tracks in a CD or a pendrive.
• For any queries, contact: Manasa Jangala +91-8469066165 (manasa.jangala@iitgn.ac.in)

Ever felt the need to shout your lungs out? To convey a message that needs conveying? Antaragnee, the street play competition of IIT Gandhinagar allows you to do just that. Be a part of the change that India needs, and deserves. Be a part of the tradition of nukkad nataks, which through its sheer energy and crowd interaction has managed to establish itself as a premier form of meaningful entertainment. So what are you waiting for?

• Only one team per college will be allowed 2.The total number of people in a group, including actors and music accompanists, must not exceed 15 people.
• There must be a minimum of eight actors.
• The venue will be open-air, with a circular stage that will be surrounded by the audience.
• The language of the play must be English, Hindi or a combination of these languages.
• Use of electrical equipment is completely banned, though groups may make use of dholaks, tablas and other non-electric musical instruments.
• Excessive obscenity as well as targeting based on race and religion will not be tolerated.
• In case of teams travelling from outside Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar, please call the contact number for enquiries regarding accommodation.
• The decisions of the judges are final and no arguments will be entertained.
• Time Limit: There will be a time limit of 20 minutes for every group. Breach of this rule will result in docking of points, at the discretion of the judges.
Judging Criteria:
• Script
• Acting and Direction
• Social Message
• Crowd Interaction
• Overall Impact

Do you want to get an exciting and thrilling experience of a race and surprising tasks? Do you have the ability to solve the clues? Do you have energy to travel continuously to different places of Ahmedabad? If yes, Then Adrenaline is waiting for you.

It is an exciting and thrilling race against time and energy to be held all over Ahmedabad. Surprising and interesting tasks are waiting for you at different places of Ahmedabad. After completion, clues will be given to teams which would lead them to next checkpoint for another thrilling task.

Each team will consist of 2 members only. There is no restriction regarding formation of team, however A team consisting of both girls will be given an advantage, which will disclosed during the time of event.

Day 1:
• Race will start from IIT GN campus with a task. After each task is performed, a clue about the next checkpoint will be given.
• Only public mode of transportation should be strictly used.
• Description about each task will be given by the organizer at that spot respectively.
• Team will be awarded marks according to their performance in each task, time of arrival at the checkpoint (i.e. earlier you reach, greater your score).
• In case any team does not follow the rules laid for performing the tasks, negative points will be given.
• Teams have to keep all the clues carefully till the end of the day, after calculating the total points of all the teams, few teams will be eliminated and remaining will go for the second round.
Day 2:
• Tasks will start in IIT Gandhinagar campus and last checkpoint will be at IIT Gandhinagar campus.
• Only public mode of transportation should be strictly used.
• Some additional bonus tasks will be disclosed.
• All the rules and structure of the event will remain same as that of Day 1.
1. Teams cannot use their personal vehicle for travelling distance between two checkpoints.
2. All the expenses the participants have to bear themselves.
3. Mobile phones of all the team members will be taken away.

A one-of-a-kind singing competition where your musical mastery over the 7 notes will get you glory. Consisting of two rounds: The Eliminations and The Gala, this is the perfect Launchpad to musical superstardom. All you Sonu Nigams and Shreya Ghoshals out there, you would rue missing this one.

Two categories – Hindi, English


Age group: 18- 25

  • Participants can sing any song of their choice
  • Accompanists are allowed
  • Musical instruments (with accompanists) allowed. (Maximum 1)
  • Decision of judges would be final and abiding
  • Registrations are on the spot for elimination.


  • In semi-final, karaoke is allowed. However, participants must bring their Karaoke tracks in mp3 format.
  • Other rules are same as eliminations (except rule 5).


  • The participants will be provided with song bank. The songs would be from 1990s related to our theme “Nothing Like the 90s”.
  • The participants can select any song from the song bank.
  • Final round is Karaoke. The tracks will be provided by us.
  • Other rules are same.

Grab your resume; make it to the top of the professional world. Try not to end up “Jobless”!


  • Aptitude Test

  • Group Discussion

  • Stress Interview

Round 1: Aptitude Test

There would be a questionnaire based on general aptitude and logical reasoning. This round will last for not more than 45 minutes. All the participants will be given a set of same questions which will have to be solved on the given answer sheet itself.

Round 2: Group Discussion

3 groups of around 10 members (depending on the number of registrations finally) will be formed. Here the main qualities to be judged in a candidate are his confidence, communication skills, convincing power, knowledge about the issues in hand and most importantly, his presence of mind.

Round 3: Stress Interview

This is the final and most crucial round. Out of the top 30, only 9-10 participants will make it to this round. The participants will be given fictional resumes which they have to go through completely in 15 minutes. Then they would have to defend their resumes and tackle the questions asked by the judges to the best of their abilities. The participants are required to be tested for their quick thinking capabilities and wisdom rather than just the knowledge. The top two candidates will be chosen as the winners.

Mr & Ms Blithchron

Calling attention to all the hunks and divas of Gujarat. Here's your ticket to fame and superstardom. Presenting for the first time in Blithchron, Mr. and Ms. Blithchron, a talent hunt to test your confidence, aptitude and entertainment quotient. If you think you've got the X factor to wow the crowd with your personality, look no further. Show your mettle and walk away with your head held high, your prestige intact and of course with the coveted title.

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String Theory
Rules and Regulations are as follows:
Team Size: Maximum 10 members (including backstage)
Duration: 15-20 minutes per team (including sound-check and exit time)
1. The team has to first send its soundtrack to the following email: paragr@iitgn.ac.in
2. The selected teams will be notified through email and for all the selected teams, a registration fee of Rs. 1500 will apply.
3. The points will be deducted if the performance exceeds time limit.
4. The organisers reserve the right to allow props on stage. It is up to the team to bring them.
5. Any kind of vulgarity will result in immediate disqualification.
6. The decision of the judges is final and abiding.
Prize: Worth Rs. 20000 + 4 Studio Recordings by “Blue Tree Studios”.
For more information, Contact: - Parag Ramteke – +91-9558211453

The dance competition at Blithchron, where we see some of the best dance teams battling it out against each other. It's a treat to watch as the team's set the stage on fire with their moves and charisma as they groove to the music mesmerizing the crowd.

• Team size: 6 to 12
• Time Duration: 5 to 10 min (including setup time)
• The Team has to get its own Sound-track, in a CD or a Pen drive, preferably in MP3 format.
• There is no limit on the number of songs used in the Sound-track. (NOTE: Other formats may not be supported by the computer, use them at your own risk.)
• There will be penalty if performance time exceeds the limit.
• Props are allowed. It is up to the team to bring them. However, the organizers reserve the right to allow the props on stage.
• Obscenity of any kind is not allowed and will result in immediate disqualification.
• The decision of the judges is final and binding.
• The organizers reserve the right to change the above rules at any given time.

Isn't it amazing to see the "extraordinarily gifted" detectives and agents reach the very roots of the perfect crime and unmask the culprit as the case unfolds? This is the event where we let people don the hat of a detective as they solve cleverly crafted mysteries.

Flow of the event:
• Teams must have 2 participants each.
• Teams will be briefed about a case upon arrival (screening of a movie depicting the case, and access to crime scenes).
• Sufficient time will be given to investigate the evidence.
• The participants have to write a convincing account of what might have occurred on the crime scene, explaining the role of the characters involved, modus, operandi, motives, etc.
• The participants now present their story to the judges, who will question the participants about various aspects of their view of the case.
Judging criteria:
1. Creativity
2. Proper reasoning and justification of evidence
3. Implementation of analytical skills
4. Clarity in analysis
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