"You have to think about one shot. One shot is what it’s all about." Get your hands on your PC and be ready to beat the crap out of everyone. Your wait has come to an end. SKIRMISH is back in town. Rock and reload, your hands on steering and eyes on the enemy ahead. Just like Godfather says, I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse...Prizes Worth Rs. 20,000! ​

P.S I feel the need...the need for speed


Freeze the unforseen moments, explore new dimensions, show us where you have been and how the world looks through your lenses.

Blithchron '22 brings to you a great opportunity to showcase your calibre in capturing the moment through PhotoStory along with polishing your photos through a mobile/ DSLR PhotoEditing Competition.

Get a chance to win Prizes worth Rs. 15,000!​ So clean your lenses, and watch your shutter speed!


Have been waiting to go on a break from your studies? Want to cast an ‘oblivate’ to your problems. Blithchron has got your fandom covered. Quizzitch is here to test your knowledge for the Harry Potter series and Friends. Can you be the lobster who wins this?

Get a chance to win exciting prizes worth Rs. 15000 (29 Galleons, 8 Sickles and 10 knuts to be exact).

Get all the gossip of the event in the Quibbler attached.

Register now to claim your spot or no more falafel for you!


Do you like to vibe to electronic music or shimmy your hips over funky EDM? Always wondered if you’ll ever be able to compose some beats of your own? Then we have the perfect event for you, Reverb: a flagship event conducted by Blithchron! Participate now and start producing your very own EDM music in this exhilarating competition - we even have prizes worth Rs. 35,000!


Ever watched an Indian Parliamentary debate and thought you could have weighed in better? Well, we have just the perfect platform for you. Chhatra Sansad and Blithchron present, National Youth Parliament : a two day on-campus event where you’ll engage in intense, intriguing discussions trying to put down your opponent verbally. Also, you get prizes worth Rs. 20,000 as an added bonus!


If you love expressing your ordinary experiences or imaginations as poetic masterpieces by the interplay of words and rhythms, then here we present Unkahi- slam poetry competition. Conjure up your inner Shakespeare (if he did slam poetry). Claim prizes worth Rs. 10,000.


Get your groove game on, we are bringing the stage to you. Time to get out of the world of recording submission and perform live on the stage. Perform alone or make the stage throb with your group, it’s your choice. That’s not all, you get a chance to win prizes worth Rs. 30,000!


Drama has never been just acting, but it’s the art one has within himself to express his emotions. Mainly consisting of theatre plays and street plays, they become one of the best sources to spread awareness for social issues.

Now, let’s skip to the good part!

Once again, Blithchron’22 has come to entertain you with one of its flagship events, Antaragnee. Don't forget, there's a chance to win prizes worth Rs. 30000!


Love to sing and wanna perform live? Well, no waiting around here. Blithchron brings back Euphony, your chance to grip the audience with your voice. The mic and stage await the nightingale in you, register and get a chance to win prizes worth Rs. 12000!